Undergrad Jobs in Space Science Data & Operations

Image of Solar Probe in front of fiery sun.

What does the job involve?

Processing of science data from NASA missions (Parker Solar Probe and upcoming missions) and support of science operations. This involves writing Python code but also integrating components into a system, code and workflow design, and probing data sets for anomalies. This is a paid position: part time during the semester and up to full time during the summer.

Who is this job for?

  • UNH undergraduates, ideally sophomores but open to freshman and juniors
  • Any mathematical / computational / scientific major (e.g., physics, computer science, biology)
  • Some coding experience is essential

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Python
  • Experience with writing code as part of a team
  • Coding experience on a larger scale than simple homework assignments, such as for major course projects

How does this support my student career?

This can be an ongoing part of your UNH career or a summer position. Details depend on your interests and and other development, but one typical path is:

Sophomore year: Get up to speed during the semester with small tasks; complete one or more larger projects the following summer.

Junior year: Continue with smaller projects during the semester. Apply for a research program in your field for the following summer. Previous students have been awarded NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) positions and UNH-supported International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) positions.

Senior year: Complete a major project – physics majors have written senior theses using NASA mission data, and computer science majors have delivered capstone projects based on components of the data processing system. Other students may choose to do a project in a different field of study; continued work can be managed around scheduling needs.

Students must be U.S. persons for purposes of export control.

What skills can I develop?

  •  Python programming
  •  Version control
  •  Pair programming
  •  Integrating code into a large, team-driven project
  •  Data analysis
  • Spacecraft instrument operations

Where can this experience lead me?

Previous students have gone on to:

NASA administrator captures a selfie with Senator Shaheen and UNH students working on the Parker Solar Probe

NASA administrator captures a selfie with Senator  Shaheen and UNH students working on the Parker Solar Probe


For more info or to apply

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