We work with students, teachers, and the public to teach them about space and to inspire a new generation of scientists interested in our universe. 

Outreach Efforts

New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium

New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium (NHSGC) brings together N.H.'s educational and scientific communities to foster public interest in science education, scholarship, and research. Funded by NASA, the NHSGC supports eight N.H. affiliate institutions and thousands of teachers, students, faculty, and citizens interested in space science and dedicated to inspiring future scientists.

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Project SMART

Project SMART is a Summer Institute at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) that challenges, educates, and motivates talented high school students in science and mathematics while acquainting them with the environment and resources of the University as a place for higher education and research. Students study topics from different modules, including: biotechnology and nanotechnology; space science; and marine and environmental science. 

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