Two researchers working in blue light on a glass disc.

UNH's Space Science Center (SSC) has a legacy of more than 100 partnerships on NASA missions and 60+ years of pioneering involvement in space research, including the development, build, and test of cutting-edge space instrumentation.

To support these endeavors, the SSC has developed state-of-the-art facilities that provide a comprehensive environment for assembly, integration, and space qualification testing. This robust infrastructure underpins our commitment to advancing space science and technology, ensuring that our collaborators and missions achieve the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Commercial entities can now access and book services at these facilities through the UNH Space Technology Hub. 

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  • Photo of large metal instrument in the lab.
    Another view of the silver metal tank.
    Brand name: Dynavac custom built in 2010 (built for MMS mission)
  • Chamber size: 4' diameter and 5' deep (cylinder)
    Interior space: 46" diameter x 60" deep
  • Chamber pressure: 10-7 Torr
  • Temperature range: -30o to +80o C
  • Platen with thermal fluid transfer system (FTS)
  • Number of thermocouples for monitoring: 30 chamber thermocouples; 16 thermocouples for instrument
  • Ramp rate range: typical rate 3oC/minute, but 1oC/minute is possible or even lower (just takes much longer for transitioning)
  • Venting gas: liquid Nitrogen shroud
  • Scavenger plate on door used for freezing contaminants onto surface
    RGA scanner – 300 amu
    TQCM (2000) – QCM Research

  • Photo of researcher in a white suit removing a disk from a glass cabinet.

    Clean room specs: ISO 7, class 10000 clean room

  • Benches:

    • - ISO 5 laminar flow assembly bench
    • - 5 assembly benches 6' x 2.5'
  • Storage: Clean room storage: X4 N2 and X6 N2 storage containers - Dry, clean storage containers for component storage

    Photo of researcher in a white suit applying a film to a circular object.

  • Photo of three researchers looking at a device inside a blue spikey chamber.
    Conductive emissions testing
  • Radiative emissions testing

  • Photo of the ultra-low temp dilution refrigerator in the lab.
    (10 mKelvin)

  • Photo of a large standing cabinet with a door on front.
    Brand Name: Tenney Environmental Testing Chamber T10C-1.5, Serial number: 0903000051
  • No vacuum
  • Size: 2.5' x 2.5' x 2.5'
  • Temperature range: -73o C to 200o C
  • Venting: dry nitrogen
  • No thermocouples inside, would have to put them on the instrument

  • Photo of a small gray cube with glass door sitting on a table.
    Brand Name: Shel Lab vacuum bake-out oven: Model 1445.2, S/N 03041610
  • Size: 1' x 1' x 1'
  • Calibrated to: 60o C (rated up to 200o C)
  • Chamber pressure range: 20 mTorr (rough vacuum)

  • Photo of a tall, cylindrical metal jar attached to a table.
    High vacuum with compressor and cryopump, mostly used for high voltage development testing
  • Size: 3' height x 2' diameter
  • Chamber pressure range: 10-7 Torr

Photo of a researcher looking through a microscope in a lab.