Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities
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The UNH Space Science Center offers exceptional opportunities for students interested in space science and astrophysics. Rare among academic programs in space science, students are able to design and build experiments, fly payload, and analyze the data from the Center's active program of developing payloads for sounding rocket investigations. We are among the top-ranked U.S. universities in NASA funding and have been designated a NASA "Center of Excellence" in solar-terrestrial theory.

Our faculty and students are members of the UNH Department of Physics. Your classes and degree are offered through the Physics Department, but you'll have the opportunity to work with faculty who engage in the interdisciplinary research at the Space Science Center. Space science research opportunities are available for undergraduates and graduate students.

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  • Photo of two men integrating and testing the ERPA instrument for the MICA rocket mission.
    Physics Ph.D. '15
    Ian is currently a Senior Professional Staff Member at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory working on experimental space physics research, including magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, energetic particle dynamics, and particle flight instrumentation and mission design. 
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  • Man standing against a rocket on a launcher.
    Electrical Engineering / Physics B.S. '70, M.A.T. '71
    Thom is currently a project scientist emeritus at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and is doing some consulting and writing on space plasmas and magnetism from his home in Annapolis. His consulting is done as the sole proprietor of 3rd Rock Research.
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  • Photo of Evin O'Shea speaking with professor Nathan Schwadron.
    Physics B.S. '18
    Evin is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Cambridge Mobile Telematics doing software and DevOps development. The mission is to reduce road fatalities by teaching people to become safer drivers. His previous UNH research worked on NASA's Parker Solar Probe writing data processing code.
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  • Julia Tilles holding probe.
    Physics Ph.D. '20
    Julia currently works as a Senior Research Staff Member at the Sandia National Lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She works in the high voltage lab observing the effects of lightning’s electrical current on different materials, and on wind turbine projects to make them less vulnerable to lightning.
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Undergraduate Majors in Physics

UNH offers an undergraduate degree in Physics within the Department of Physics. 

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Graduate Degrees in Physics

Interested in studying space science? UNH offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics through the Department of Physics. 

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