Graduated ESRC Graduate Students

The Earth Systems Research Center (ESRC) in EOS was adopted as our formal name in 2012 following the merger of the Complex Systems Research Center and the Climate Change Research Center. The list below is composed of graduate students who have completed a Master's or Doctorate degree and whose primary supervisor is or was a member of ESRC, the Complex Systems Research Center, or the Climate Change Research Center.

Date Student Program Thesis/Dissertation Chair
Fall 2018 Vargas, Korik NATURAL RESRCES: MS Developing Spectral Metrics as Early Indicators of Water Stress Detection at the Canopy Level Asbjornsen, Heidi
Spring 2018 McIntire, Cameron NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD Impacts and Management of Foliar Pathogens of Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) in the Northeastern United States Asbjornsen, Heidi
Spring 2018 Madison, Conor NATURAL RESRCES: MS The photosynthesis-foliar nitrogen relationship in deciduous and evergreen forests in New Hampshire Ollinger, Scott
Winter 2018 Horruitiner, Christopher EARTH SCIENCES: MS Assessing the Impact of Submerged Vegetation on Methane Dynamics in a Discontinuous Permafrost Lake System, Abisko, Sweden Varner, Ruth
Winter 2017 Ouimette, Andrew NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Patterns and Drivers of Carbon Fluxes in Temperate Forests Ollinger, Scott
Winter 2017 Perryman, Clarice  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Illuminating Geochemical Controls of Methane Oxidation Across a Gradient of Permafrost Thaw Varner, Ruth
Fall 2016 Lazarcik, James  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Major Fraction of Black Carbon Is Flushed From New Hampshire Seasonal Snowpack Early in Melt Dibb, Jack
Spring 2016 Grogan, Danielle  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Global and regional assessments of unsustainable groundwater use in irrigated agriculture Frolking, Stephen
Winter 2016 Huang, Tao NATURAL RESRCES: MS Fecal indicator bacteria removal by river networks Wollheim, Wilfred
Spring 2015 Pellissier, Paul   NATURAL RESRCES: MS Remote Sensing of Foliar Nitrogen in Cultivated Grasslands of Human Dominated Landscapes Ollinger, Scott
Winter 2015 Fisk, Justin  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Net Effects of Disturbance: Spatial, Temporal, and Societal Dimensions of Forest Disturbance and Recovery on Terrestrial Carbon Balance Hurtt, George
Winter 2014 Roddy, Samantha EARTH SCIENCES: MS Vegetation Influences on the Ebullition of Methane in a Temperate Wetland Varner, Ruth
Fall 2014 Treat, Claire NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Effects of climate change on carbon and nitrogen cycling in permafrost soils of Alaska Wollheim, Wilfred
Fall 2013 Gagnon, Michael  NREN:FORESTRY: MS A comparative study of reflectance spectral indices and digital camera imagery to quantify in-vivo foliar chlorophyll concentration in common New England forest species Rock, Barrett
Fall 2013 Carlson, Martha  NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD Monitoring the health of sugar maple, Acer saccharum Rock, Barrett
Fall 2013 Kurnianto, Sofyan EARTH SCIENCES: MS Modeling long-term carbon accumulation of tropical peat swamp forest ecosystems Frolking, Stephen
Fall 2013 Burakowski, Elizabeth  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Winter climate impacts of historical deforestation in New England Wake, Cameron
Spring 2013 Vadeboncoeur, Matthew  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Mechanisms of nutrient limitation and nutrient acquisition in managed and unmanaged forest ecosystems Hobbie, Erik
Fall 2012 Steele, Kaitlyn  EARTH SCI GEOCHEM SYSTEMS : MS Hydrogen dynamics in soil in northern boreal and subarctic Sweden Varner, Ruth
Spring 2012 Meacham, Sam NATURAL RESRCES: MS Using Landsat 5 TM Data to Identify and Map Areas of Mangrove in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico Rock, Barry
Winter 2011 Del Bon Espirito-Santo, Fernando NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Detection of Mortality in Tropical Forests Using Remote Sensing: From Treefall Gaps to Large Disturbances Keller, Michael
Winter 2011 Davis, Shannon  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Marine atmospheric influences on trace gas observations and transport during the ICARTT 2004 campaign Talbot, Robert
Winter 2011 Lai, Tzu-Ling  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Occurrence of major ozone episodes and their time-series trends over the past decade in New England Talbot, Robert
Fall 2011 Sullivan, Franklin NREN:FORESTRY: MS Interrelations among leaf and canopy nitrogen, optical and structural traits Ollinger, Scott
Fall 2011 Noyce, Genevieve   EARTH SCIENCES: MS Effect of Carex rostrata removal on methane emissions from a temperate peatland Varner, Ruth
Spring 2011 Green, Ashley  NATURAL RESRCES: MS Herbage mass accumulation in an intensive rotational grazing system at UNH's Organic Dairy Research Facility Aber, John
Fall 2010 Treat, Claire  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Modeling permafrost stability in peatlands with climate change and disturbance Frolking, Stephen
Winter 2010 Kim, Su Youn NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Continental outflow of polluted air from the US to the North Atlantic and mercury chemical cycling in various atmospheric environments Talbot, Robert
Winter 2010 MacLean, Richard  NATURAL RESRCES: MS Abiotic immobilization of nitrate in forest soil: A double level approach Ollinger, Scott
Fall 2010 Goodrich, Jordan EARTH SCIENCES: MS Identifying temporal patterns and controlling factors in methane ebullition at Sallie's Fen, a temperate peatland site, using automated chambers Varner, Ruth
Fall 2010 Shamhart, Julee NATURAL RESRCES: MS Isotopic analysis of arctic ground squirrel tissues and potential food sources Hobbie, Erik
Fall 2010 Wicklein, Haley NATURAL RESRCES: MS Variation in foliar nitrogen and albedo in response to nitrogen fertilization and elevated carbon dioxide Ollinger, Scott
Fall 2010 Cate, Erica NREN:FORESTRY: MS A feasibility study: Forest carbon stocks and stock change of the White Mountain National Forest Ollinger, Scott
Spring 2010 Tardie, Peter NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD Land development in Massachusetts: Its effect on the environment within Essex and Middlesex counties from 1990 to 2007 Rock, Barrett
Spring 2010 Ambrose, Jesse  CHEMISTRY: PHD Volatile organic compounds in the New England troposphere: Atmospheric chemistry and measurement techniques Sive, Barkley
Spring 2010 Trubetskova, Irina  NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD From biosphere to noosphere: Vladimir Vernadsky's theoretical system as a conceptual framework for universal sustainability education Rock, Barrett
Fall 2009 Conway, Leanna CHEMISTRY: MS Design and construction of a chemical ionization mass spectrometer for ambient nitryl chloride analysis Sive, Barkley
Fall 2009 Stewart, Robert EARTH SCI HYDRL: MS Separation of river network scale nitrogen removal among main channel and two transient storage compartments Wollheim, Wilfred
Fall 2009 Luxford, Jeffrey EARTH SCIENCES: MS Evaluating the performance of model-derived wind forecasts at Summit, Greenland during the summer of 2008 Dibb, Jack
Fall 2009 Lindgren, Erica NATURAL RESRCES: MS Extrapolating hyperspectral anthocyanin indices to multispectral satellite sensors---applications to fall foliage in New England Rock, Barrett
Fall 2009 Carlson, Martha NATURAL RESRCES: MS An assessment of stress in Acer saccharum as a possible response to climate change Rock, Barrett
Winter 2009 Cleveland, Meredith  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Analysis of organic aerosol in Houston, TX, through aerosol mass spectrometry and proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Griffin, Robert
Winter 2009 Ziemba, Luke  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Ambient measurements of chemical and physical properties of organic aerosols: Insights into formation, growth, and heterogeneous chemistry Griffin, Robert
2009 Dickerman, Erica NATURAL RESRCES: MS   Rock, Barrett
Fall 2009 Sawyer, Virginia  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Height of the planetary boundary layer during ICEALOT 2008 Varner, Ruth
Spring 2009 Place, Philip  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Observations of nucleation-mode particle events and characterization of organic atmospheric particulate matter at a rural New England site Griffin, Robert
Spring 2009 Hegarty, Jennifer NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Synoptic controls on ozone over the northeastern US and continental export Mao, Huiting
Spring 2009 Russo, Rachel  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Temporal variation, regional sources, and removal processes of volatile organic compounds in New England Sive, Barkley
Spring 2009 Scheuer, Eric  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Observations of Arctic haze from the NCAR C-130 during TOPSE(2000) and evidence of nitric acid uptake and redistribution by cirrus clouds during TC4(2007) obtained from the NASA DC-8 Talbot, Robert
Winter 2008 Kessler, Will  NATURAL RESRCES: MS Spectral effects of a calcium amendment on red spruce foliage at laboratory and stand scale Rock, Barrett
Winter 2008 Spierre, Susan  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Extreme precipitation trends in New England Wake, Cameron
Fall 2008 Berger, Kathryn  NATURAL RESRCES: MS Evaluation and improvement of model algorithms for predicting belowground carbon allocation in forests Ollinger, Scott
Fall 2008 White-Jeanneau, Marguerite NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Sources and sinks of selected trace gases in the tropospheric boundary layer of the eastern United States Sive, Barkley
Fall 2008 Thouin, Joseph EARTH SCI HYDRL: MS The biogeochemical influences of nitrate, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved organic carbon on stream nitrate uptake Vorosmarty, Charles
Spring 2008 Cai, Xuyi  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Secondary organic aerosol formation of relevance to the marine boundary layer Griffin, Robert
Winter 2007 Burakowski, Elizabeth  EARTH SCIENCES: MS Trends in wintertime climate variability in the northeastern United States Wake, Cameron
Spring 2007 Phillips, Stephen  EARTH SCIENCES: MS High frequency measurements of soil carbon dioxide flux at Harvard Forest Frolking, Stephen
Fall 2007 Anderson, Casey EARTH SCIENCES: MS Measurements of gas-phase and particle-phase water-soluble organic carbon Dibb, Jack
Fall 2007 Chen, Jianjun  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Modeling secondary organic aerosol formation from biogenic hydrocarbons Griffin, Robert
Fall 2007 Thomas, Robert  NREN:ENVIR CONS: MS Consequences of fine-scale heterogeneity on predictions of the carbon cycle using lidar data and a height-structured ecosystem model Hurtt, George
Winter 2006 Hagen, Stephen  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Linking multivariate observations of the land surface to vegetation properties and ecosystem processes Frolking, Stephen
Winter 2006 Palace, Michael  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Tropical forest structure: Ground measurements of coarse necromass and satellite observations of crown geometry Hurtt, George
Winter 2006 Rawlins, Michael  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Characterization of the spatial and temporal variability in pan-Arctic, terrestrial hydrology Vorosmarty, Charles
Winter 2006 Lambert, Thomas  EARTH SCIENCES: MS The effect of air pollution and time spent outdoors on pulmonary function in a diverse New England population Wake, Cameron
Spring 2006 Zhang, Qingyuan  NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD Improving estimation of gross primary productivity of terrestrial ecosystems Xiao, Xiangming
Fall 2006 Schilz, Mariya  NATURAL RESRCES: MS Understanding changes in aboveground biomass and height with elevation at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest Hurtt, George
Fall 2006 Anderson, Jeanne NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Remote detection of forest structure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire: An integration of waveform lidar and hyperspectral remote sensing data Martin, Mary
Fall 2006 Frappier, Amy  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Recent extreme events in a tropical stalagmite: Multi-proxy records and analysis of ecosystem delta carbon-13 value sensitivity to weak climate forcing Sahagian, Dork
Fall 2006 Zhou, Yong  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Atmospheric volatile organic compound measurements: Distributions and effects on air quality in coastal marine, rural and remote continental environments Sive, Barkley
Fall 2006 Sallade (Silverberg), Sarah  NATURAL RESRCES: MS Patterns and processes of soil carbon dynamics in a northeastern United States forest Ollinger, Scott
Fall 2006 Dolan, Katelyn  NRESS:ENSTUDIES: MS Using ICESAT's geoscience laser altimeter system to assess large scale forest disturbance caused by Hurricane Katrina Hurtt, George
2005 Lloyd, Kirsten  NREN:SOIL SCI: MS The relationship between fine root chemistry and foliar chemistry among northeastern U.S. tree species Ollinger, Scott
2005 Huntley, Ryan  NREN:FORESTRY: MS Characterizing Vegetation Associated with Cenotes in Quintana Roo, Mexico Using Remote Sensing and Field Methods Rock, Barrett
Fall 2005 Bowley (Lopes), Evilene NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD Wood and soil-atmosphere carbon dioxide fluxes from a tropical forest ecosystem Crill, Patrick
2005 Girod, Carolyn NREN:ENVIR CONS: MS Evaluating United States Carbon and Fire Management Strategies Though Ecosystem Models Hurtt, George
Fall 2005 Yalcin, Kaplan  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Glaciochemical records from the Saint Elias Mountains, Yukon, Canada Wake, Cameron
2005 Voisin, Daniel  EARTH SCIENCES: MS   Dibb, Jack
2005 Fischer, Emily EARTH SCIENCES: MS   Talbot, Robert
Spring 2005 Wollheim, Wilfred M EARTH SCIENCES: PHD The controls of watershed nutrient export Vorosmarty, Charles
  Ingraham, Peter NATURAL RESRCES: MS   Martin, Mary
Fall 2004 Pontius, Jennifer  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Assessing hemlock woolly adelgid induced decline and susceptibility using hyperspectral technologies Hallett, Richard
Fall 2004 Cardoso, Manoel  NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Fire dynamics in Amazonia Hurtt, George
2004 Ericson, Jason  EARTH SCI HYDRL: MS   Vorosmarty, Charles
2004 Irons, Zackary  EARTH SCIENCES: MS   Wake, Cameron
Fall 2004 Pellerin, Brian NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD The influence of urbanization on runoff generation and stream chemistry in Massachusetts watersheds Vorosmarty, Charles
  Eldredge, Edward  NRESS:ENSTUDIES: PHD   Crill, Patrick
Winter 2003 Miller, Samuel  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD The central New England sea breeze study Keim, Barry
Spring 2002 Bryant, David NRESS:ENSCIENCE: PHD Community and ecosystem analysis of forests recovering from landslide disturbance: White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire Aber, John
2002 Debell, Linsey  EARTH SCIENCES: MS   Talbot, Robert
2002 Wilson, Adam  EARTH SCIENCES: MS   Wake, Cameron
Winter 2002 Slater, John  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Characterization of the physical, chemical, and optical properties of atmospheric aerosol particles in New Hampshire Dibb, Jack
Spring 2002 Burnett, James  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Assessing ice storm damage to hardwood forest canopies using the Advanced Solid-State Array Spectroradiometer (ASAS) and Landsat TM imagery Rock, Barrett
Spring 2002 Loomis, Matthew  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Physical and chemical characterization of single atmospheric aerosols: Laboratory studies of interactions of acidic trace gases with sea -salt aerosols, and, Development efforts for an aerosol charging system using a corona discharge Talbot, Robert
  O'Grady, Kevin  EARTH SCIENCES: MS   Von Damm, Karen
Winter 2001 Bray, Alison  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD The geochemistry of boron and lithium in mid -ocean ridge hydrothermal vent fluids Von Damm, Karen
Spring 2001 Salas, William  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Optical and radar remote sensing of land use and land cover change in the tropics: An assessment of deforestation and secondary vegetation Aber, John
Spring 2001 Fekete, Balazs  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Spatial distribution of global runoff and its storage in river channels Vorosmarty, Charles
Winter 2000 Sherman, Benjamin H NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Disturbance indicators for time series reconstruction and marine ecosystem health impact assessment Sahagian, Dork
Fall 2000 Campbell (Entcheva), Petya  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Remote sensing of forest damage in the Czech Republic using hyperspectral methods Rock, Barrett
Spring 2000 Ollinger, Scott  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Carbon and nitrogen dynamics of northeastern United States forests in response to environmental stress: Measurements and models at local to regional scales Aber, John
Spring 2000 Smith, Marie-Louise  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Landscape-scale prediction of forest productivity by hyperspectral remote sensing of canopy nitrogen Aber, John
Spring 2000 Varner, Ruth K EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Biogeochemical cycling of methyl bromide in soils Crill, Patrick
Spring 2000 Weitz, Antje M NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Soil hydraulic controls over nitrogen oxide emissions and nitrogen cycling in tropical agriculture Crill, Patrick
Winter 1999 Jordan, Carolyn E EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Atmospheric transport and deposition of water -soluble nitrogen to the Gulf of Maine Talbot, Robert
Spring 1999 Goodale, Christine NATURAL RESRCES: PHD The long-term effects of disturbance on nitrogen cycling and loss in the White Mountains, New Hampshire Aber, John
Spring 1999 Zdanowicz, Christian  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Paleoclimatic significance of insoluble microparticle records from Canadian Arctic and Greenland ice cores Zielinski, Greg
Winter 1998 Shrestha, Arun  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Physical and chemical climate in the Nepal Himalaya Wake, Cameron
Spring 1998 Jenkins, Jennifer  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Measuring and modeling northeastern forest ecosystem response to environmental stresses Aber, John
Spring 1998 Moosavi, Sadredin  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Controls on CH(4) emissions from boreal and arctic wetlands Crill, Patrick
Spring 1998 Kreutz, Karl  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Ice core glaciochemical records of late holocene climatic variability in West Antarctica Mayewski, Paul
Winter 1997 Lefer, Barry  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD The chemistry and dry deposition of atmospheric nitrogen at a rural site in the northeastern United States Talbot, Robert
Fall 1997 Shipham, Mark  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD An analysis of high frequency methane measurements in central New England Harriss, Robert
Spring 1997 Sharma, Keshav  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Impact of land-use and climatic changes on hydrology of the Himalayan Basin: A case study of the Kosi Basin Moore, Berrien
Winter 1996 Braswell, Bobby  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Global terrestrial biogeochemistry: Perturbations, interactions, and time scales Moore, Berrien
Fall 1996 Sanchez-Azofeifa, Arturo EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Assessing land use/cover change in Costa Rica Harriss, Robert
Spring 1996 Yang, Qinzhao  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Snow and ice chemistry study of the Greenland ice sheet Mayewski, Paul
Fall 1995 Czepiel, Peter  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Radiatively active trace gas emissions from waste management systems Harriss, Robert
Spring 1995 Currie, William  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Forest floor leachate biogeochemistry and decomposition dynamics Aber, John
Winter 1994 Theisen, Arnold  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Steady-state natural fluorescence Rock, Barrett
Fall 1994 Hendricks, Joseph  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Assessing the effects of nitrogen availability on fine root turnover and tissue chemistry in forest ecosystems Aber, John
Fall 1994 Martin, Mary  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Measurements of foliar chemistry using laboratory and airborne high spectral resolution visible and infrared data Aber, John
Fall 1994 Nobre, Antonio  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Nitrous oxide emissions from tropical soils Harriss, Robert
Fall 1994 Norris, Gregory  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Energy conservation potential uncertainty analysis Harriss, Robert
Spring 1994 Bensel, Terrence NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Biomass fuel supply and utilization in the cities of the developing world: A case study of Cebu City, Philippines Harriss, Robert
Winter 1993 Frolking, Stephen  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Modeling soil climate controls on the exchange of trace gases between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere Harriss, Robert
Spring 1993 Wake, Cameron  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD The spatial distribution of snow and aerosol chemistry in the mountains of central Asia Mayewski, Paul
Winter 1992 Skole, David  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Measurement of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon using satellite remote sensing Aber, John
Winter 1992 de Mello, William  EARTH SCIENCES: PHD Factors controlling fluxes of volatile sulfur compounds in Sphagnum peatlands Hines, Mark
Spring 1991 McNulty, Steven  NATURAL RESRCES: PHD Nutrient cycling in New England spruce-fir forests Aber, John
Spring 1991 Vorosmarty, Charles  ENGINEERING: PHD Models of macro-scale hydrology for use in global change research: Tests on two tropical river systems Moore, Berrien