About Us

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Our Vision

To be a global leader in research on the biogeochemistry of terrestrial, aquatic, atmospheric, and societal components and interactions that define the Earth system. We will improve our understanding of how human society both causes, and is impacted by, change in functioning of the Earth System with a particular focus on changes in climate and land use. We will translate this understanding into scientifically informed policy and societal action. Finally, we will educate the next generation of scientists working on coupled human-natural systems and pursuit of sustainability to consider their efforts within the context of an increasingly human-dominated Earth.

Major Activities

ESRC research and educational programs cross the boundaries of traditional scientific disciplines to foster interdisciplinary understanding of environmental change and the roles of human beings in driving that change.  With field studies, space-based observations, data integration and modeling, and engaged scholarship, we study environmental change from both scientific and policy perspectives. Built on strong collaborations and partnerships that are regional, national, and international in scope, our center also serves as a teaching platform for the next generation of Earth System scientists and environmental managers.

Our Research

Our Publications

The UNH Scholars Repository maintains a list of our publications.