Former ESRC Faculty Members

The Earth Systems Research Center (ESRC) in EOS was adopted as our formal name in 2012 following the merger of the Complex Systems Research Center (CSRC) and the Climate Change Research Center (CCRC).  The list below of former faculty includes those faculty members who were appointed in ESRC, CSRC, and CCRC since EOS was initially created in 1985. ESRC has helped launch many successful faculty careers at institutions of higher education around the world.

Name Years at ESRC Current Location Current Department Website
John Aber 1989 - 1997 UNH Natural Resources and the Environment
David Bartlett 1989 - 2011 Retired    
Patrick Crill 1988 - 2003 Stockholm University Geological Sciences
Mark Fahnestock   University of Alaska Geophysical Institute
Robert Griffin 2003 - 2008 Rice University Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rich Hallet 1991 - 1996 USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
Robert Harriss 1988 - 1994 Environmental Defense Fund Natural Gas Division  
Mark Hines       Obituary
George Hurtt 1998 - 2010 University of Maryland Joint Global Carbon Cycle Center
Carolyn Jordan   NASA Langley Aerosol Research Group
Barry Keim 1999 - 2002 Louisiana State University Geography and Anthropology
Michael Keller 1997 - 2006 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Changsheng Li 1992 - 2015     Obituary
Berry Lyons 1985 - 1990 The Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences
Huiting Mao   College of Environmental Science & Forestry Chemistry
Paul Mayewski 1985 - 2000 University of Maine Climate Change Institute
Madeline Mineau 2014 - NH Sustainable Energy Association
Berrien Moore 1987 - 2008 University of Oklahoma Collge of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences
Byard Mosher   California Air Resources Board (now retired)    
Julie Palais   NSF (now retired) Office of Polar Programs  
Iqbal Pittalwala   University of California Riverside University Communications  
Michael Prentice 1995 - 2005 Owner of GEOSCY LLC (Bloomington, IN)
Alex Pszenny 2001 - Retired    
Andrew Richardson 2007 - 2009 Northern Arizona University School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems
Barrett Rock 1987 - Retired    
Dork Sahagian 1994 - 2004 Lehigh University Earth and Environmental Sciences
Barkley Sive   National Park Service Air Resources Division  
Robert Talbot 1988 - 2011 University of Houston Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Karen Von Damm 1992 - 2008     Obituary
Charles Vörösmarty   City University of New York Advanced Science Research Center
Xiangming Xiao 1997 - 2008 University of Oklahoma Microbiology and Plant Biology
Greg Zielinski 1990 - 2000 University of Maine (now retired)