Science Team

Color headshot of Joseph Salisbury, RESEARCH PROFESSOR in the EOS Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory.
As principal investigator of GLIMR, Joe is responsible for the success of the entire mission. His primary interest is in helping to facilitate the new science that will be enabled by having a hyperspectral ocean color sensor in a geostationary orbit.  His research interests focus on the biogeochemistry and ecology of coastal regions, particularly those influenced by riverine processes. Presently, Joe is working on two strands of research. The first seeks to characterize distributions of carbon dioxide, air-sea carbon exchange, productivity and acid stress in freshwater-influenced coastal regions. The second strand involves the use of data from a variety of space-borne sensors to characterize net community productivity and carbon exchanges in coastal waters.
Antonio Mannino GLIMR

Antonio Mannino Ph.D., NASA-GSFC
GLIMR Deputy Principal Investigator 

As DPI, Antonio advises on instrument technical issues, contributes to defining science and instrument requirements, and works to accomplish GLIMR’s science objectives by supporting data products algorithm development and participating in the validation field campaigns. As a sea-going oceanographer, he has served as chief scientist on multiple oceanographic cruises working in all major oceans with the exception of the Indian Ocean. His current research applies field observations, satellite data, and 3D coupled models to study carbon cycle processes and phytoplankton community composition across seascapes from rivers to oceans.

Steven Ackleson GLIMR
Steve Ackleson, NRL
GLIMR Co-Investigator


David Antoine GLIMR

David Antoine, Curtin University
GLIMR Collaborator / Science Advisory Group  

Jae-Hyun Ahn GLIMR

Jae-Hyun Ahn, KIOST
GLIMR Collaborator / Science Advisory Group


Joaquim Goes GLIMR

Joaquim Goes, LDEO
GLIMR Co-Investigator


Chuanmin Hu GLIMR

Chuanmin Hu, USF
GLIMR Co-Investigator

Chuanmin's expertise is in the development of remote sensing algorithms and data products as well as application of these data products to address earth science questions. In the GLIMR team he will provide advice on sensor specifications and develop GLIMR-targeted algorithms to map oil spills and macroalgae blooms.

Bror Jonsson_glimr

Bror Jonsson, PML
GLIMR Co-Investigator


Wonkook Kim GLIMR

Wonkook Kim, Pusan University
GLIMR Collaborator / Science Advisory Group

Steven Lohrenz GLIMR

Steven Lohrenz, UMASSD
GLIMR Co-Investigator


Kevin Ruddick GLIMR

Kevin Ruddick, RBINS
GLIMR Collaborator/Science Advisory Group


Blake Schaeffer GLIMR

Blake Schaeffer, EPA
GLIMR EPA Liaison / Co-Investigator


Richard Stumpf GLIMR

Richard Stumpf, NOAA
GLIMR Co-Investigator


Michelle Tomlinson GLIMR

Michelle (Shelly) Tomlinson, NOAA
GLIMR NOAA NOS Liaison / Co-Investigator

Shelly serves as a NOAA representative and works closely with the GLIMR science team to provide advice on agency needs for satellite data, in particular as they relate to the National Ocean Service and NOAA’s Ecological Forecasting efforts for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) and the NOAA CoastWatch program. The GLIMR satellite mission would provide much needed spatial, spectral and temporal resolution for monitoring and managing coastal ocean processes.

Maria Tzortziou GLIMR

Maria Tzortziou, CCNY
GLIMR Applications POC / Co-Investigator

Maria is the Applied Science Lead for the GLIMR mission, and Science Team member leading the development, refinement, and evaluation of GLIMR satellite algorithms and data products relevant to CDOM absorption, spectral slope, and DOC concentration in nearshore waters. Her research focuses on the biogeochemistry and ecology of aquatic ecosystems –from rivers to oceans– and explores human-ecosystem interactions across temporal and spatial scales.

Stephanie Schollaert Uz GLIMR

Stephanie Schollaert Uz, NASA-GSFC
GLIMR NASA Applied Sciences Collaborator
Stephanie's research focuses on the response of marine and aquatic ecosystems to physical forcing through the use of satellite data, in situ measurements, model output and statistical reconstructions. She is the Principal Investigator on a new project exploring ways to apply remote sensing to identify water quality issues for aquaculture in the Chesapeake Bay.

Color headshot of Douglas Vandemark, RESEARCH PROFESSOR AFFILIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR of the EOS Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory.

Doug Vandemark, UNH
GLIMR Co-Investigator

Doug's team will utilize daily time-evolving GLIMR imagery to observe fine-scale surface fronts, to better understand vertical velocities in the upper ocean. Doug's research interests address air-sea interaction processes with a focus on ocean remote sensing of wind waves and the air-sea exchange of momentum, heat, and mass including greenhouse gases.

Ryan Vandermeulen GLIMR

Ryan Vandermeulen,  NOAA NMFS
GLIMR Collaborator
Ryan is responsible for biophysical algorithm development, data product validation, assessment of instrument performance modeling and verification of product uncertainties, as well as the formulation of strategic tools to advance instrument scheduling and Concept of Operations. Beyond his technical roles, Ryan also strives to promote and develop materials that ignite the interest of a broader public audience in the science of our natural world

Cara Wilson GLIMR

Cara Wilson, NOAA
GLIMR NOAA Fisheries Liaison / Co-Investigator


Jainwei Wei GLIMR

Jainwei Wei, Global Science & Tech
GLIMR Collaborator