GLIMR Instrument

GLIMR Instrument

The GLIMR instrument Hyperspectral Imager (HSI), in development at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, measures spectral radiances across an approximately 340-1040nm spectral range. A separate imager, the Landmark Imager (LMI) is primarily intended for imaging fixed features and provides high spatial resolution observations of landmarks with a refresh rate high enough to meet GLIMR georegistration requirements.

The GLIMR instrument has a telescope on a two-axis gimbal to actively scan the HSI and LMI through N-S and E-W motions.

The LMI with a single 40nm band centered at 865nm shares the telescope field of view at a fixed angular offset providing rapid imagery updates of Landsat ground control points simultaneously with spectroradiometry.

The imagery allows spacecraft and instrument dynamic tracking, corrected by ground processing, to register spectral image samples to a fixed grid in scan angle space on the Earth. 

The GLIMR instrument mounts to the Nadir deck of a host spacecraft and is placed in a Geostationary orbit between 88°W and 108°W longitude.

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