Research Committee

Tasks related to building research opportunities and capabilities at UNH are within the purview of CARE’s Research Committee, which is composed of members from colleges and centers across UNH, as well as representatives from the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space and the UNH Research Computing Center. 

CARE Research Committee Goals:

  • Connecting faculty at UNH who have or need expertise in acoustics to foster interdisciplinary research and to provide expert advice
  • Increasing acoustics expertise at UNH via the hiring of faculty and postdocs with relevant experience
  • Identifying emerging acoustic disciplines or emerging interdisciplinary research areas that use acoustics to inform future acoustics research and hires across UNH
  • Connecting researchers to organizations outside UNH for collaboration, joint proposals, and funding opportunities
  • Identifying local, regional, national, and international funding opportunities appropriate for CARE affiliated faculty for acoustics-related projects
  • Cataloging equipment, datasets and technical expertise which may aid acoustics projects at UNH
  • Building an equipment pool to support acoustics field work across UNH and regional partners

CARE Research Committee Members: