Sensors in Earth, Oceans, and Space Science (SEOSS)

Welcome to SEOSS 2024!

The SEOSS (Sensors in Earth, Oceans and Space Science) REU program aims to provide you with an authentic research experience and a positive introduction to sensor-based Earth and space science research. We want to help you identify if a STEM major and careers is right for you!

Throughout the course of this 10-week program, you will develop skills to collect, analyze, and interpret data from a wide range of sensors used in science. This includes sensors deployed in ocean settings, forests, rivers, and even satellites in space. Program mentors will help you develop data analysis skills using programming and statistics.

You will also meet scientific professionals in academia, industry, and government, giving you a chance to learn about the myriad career pathways opened by STEM degrees.

Important Dates 2024

Arrival on campus: June 2
Program start date: June 3
Symposium date: August 8
Departure from campus: August 9


Program Calendar 
Orientation Week
Seminar Series


Color headshot of Danielle Grogan.

Dr. Danielle Grogan,
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: (603) 862-2603

Helpful Info

Items to bring with you or purchase when you arrive:

  • Toiletries (bodywash, soap, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Reusable Lunch bag/Tupperware
  • Laundry bag and laundry detergent
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Laptop

If doing fieldwork, you may additionally need to bring:

  • Waterproof boots
  • Windproof/waterproof layer
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Water bottle
  • Whistle
  • Bug spray

Please ask your mentor if there is anything else you may specifically need. Please contact us if you do not have this equipment and purchasing it might be a problem.

Travel to the UNH Campus

All travel expenses are paid for by the program. If you require a flight to the area, we will arrange your travel to and from UNH. If you are driving to UNH, we will reimburse your milage at UNH-approved rates. If you have any questions about your travel, please email Bella Pizza.

Please see our UNH Campus Map. 


Summer parking permits cost $50 and are not provided by this program. You can purchase one here. Please make sure you have purchased a parking permit before parking your vehicle anywhere on campus. 

WildCat Transportation

You will be issued a UNH ID card that will allow you to use campus transit for free. For more information please see (or download the app) for Wildcat Buses and Shuttles.

Health Services 

As a UNH summer intern, you are considered an employee by Health & Wellness, not a UNH student. You are eligible to use the UNH Health & Wellness’ fee for service program. These fees can be paid out of pocket or billed to your medical insurance.

UNH Health & Wellness is considered ‘in network’ with Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield 3, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Indemnity, Cigna and Harvard Pilgrim insurance plans.

Fee-for-service pricing for common medical services and be found here.

The Summer 2024 SEOSS Illness and Injury Policy can be found here. 


You will be staying in Woodside Apartments on-campus housing from June 2 through August 9. You will have your own private room, but share the apartment common areas with another person (in the program, if possible).

Each apartment has two bedrooms, which include a twin XL bed, desk, dresser, and closet. There is a communal living area with a sofa, coffee table and end tables, a kitchen with a full-size fridge, oven and stove, and bathroom.  There is also a shared Community Center that has a tv and lounge area, as well as a mailroom and laundry facilities.

Bedding (sheets, pillow, blanket, pillowcase) will be provided to you, as well as a towel, washcloth, shampoo and soap.


You will receive a meal card that will allow for 3 meal swipes per day. We will also hold some program events where meals will be provided. Meals are served at the Holloway Commons (HoCo) dining hall, located at 75 Main St.

Cash credit (Cat’s Cache) will be provided to you for meals on days when the dining hall is closed. 

Cats Cache 

Flexible funds (known as Cats Cache) will be provided for you to use on days when the UNH Dining Hall is closed (including June 19, July 4, July 5 and weekends in June). It may also be used to supplement breakfasts that couldn’t be added to your meal plan. Cats Cache can be used for local businesses, food, laundry, and vending machines. This money will be available on your UNH ID card.

You are responsible for spending your Cats Cache as intended and using it only if needed. Funds are intended for your use only – do not spend it on anyone else.

You will learn more about when/how you can use Cats Cache during your orientation.

Q: Where will I do my work while I’m on campus?
A: Depending on your mentor’s location, you may be working out of Morse Hall (8 College Road) or the Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory (24 Colovos Road).

Q: Will I be issued a UNH email address?
A: You will be registered for a UNH email address, which will be required for your training sessions and give you Wi-Fi access across campus. This will also be an easy way for you to communicate with your mentors/colleagues and access shared workspaces such as OneDrive or SharePoint.

Q: How do I check my Cats Cache balance/meals balance?
A: You can check your Cats Cache balance by clicking here and choosing the Cats Cache option on the side bar. You can also go to Campus Services in Room 211 at the Memorial Union Building. They can tell you the balance amounts of your Cats Cache and Meal Plans.

Q: Can I (or my parents!) add money to my Cats Cache balance? How?
Yes, Cats Cache can be purchased via a credit card here. Those who wish to add to your card can click “guest deposit” and input your first and last name, and your ID username. They can then add money to your Cats Cache balance and it will automatically be loaded to your ID card.

Q: Where can I use Cats Cache on campus?
A: Alberts, All CIS Computer Clusters, Branch Library Copiers, Campus Services Office, CornerStone 1926, Dimond Library Copiers, Dunkin Donuts (at Holloway Commons), Granite Square Shipping, Health Services, Holloway Commons Dining Hall, Kinesiology Dept, Laundry Machines (in dorms), Most Vending Machines, MUB Bookstore, MUB Ticket Office, Philbrook Café, Printing and Mailing Services, REC Sports Pro Shop, Union Court, Wildcatessen and Zeke's Café (in the library).

Q: Where can I use Cats Cache off campus?
A: Aroma Joe's, Breaking New Grounds, Ceo's Gelato Bistro, Circle K, Domino's, Dunkin Donuts, Durham House of Pizza, Hannaford's (Durham), HOP + GRIND, Moe's Italian Subs, Rite Aid, Subway, Sweetened Memories, The Juicery, The Works Bakery Café, Tim’s Drunken BBQ and Tacos, and University Village Pizza.

Q: Does the meal plan accommodate a vegetarian diet?
A: Yes, there are a wide selection of vegetarian options available within the UNH meal plans.

Q: Is there transportation between Boston Logan airport and the UNH campus?
A: Yes, you will be provided with transportation from Boston to the UNH campus in Durham, NH.

Q: Is there transportation between my housing accommodations and my workspace?
A: There is a campus bus that you will have free access to, but it is also an easy walk.

Q: Is there transportation to where I am assigned to do fieldwork?
A: Yes, your mentor will ensure you have transportation from campus to any site(s) where you will be performing fieldwork.

Q: What do I do if I lose my ID card?
Go here for lost ID cards:
• To suspend your card IMMEDIATELY
• To fill out a form for a replacement and pay the $25 replacement fee

Q: When are REU SEOSS office hours and what are they for?
Stop by to ask questions, share concerns/constructive criticism, make suggestions, practice giving research talks, ask for advice and tell us your exciting news:
• Kai Ziervogel: Tuesdays, 11:00 am – noon, Morse 136A
 Danielle Grogan: Thursdays, 9:00 – 10:00 am, Morse 21

The SEOSS REU program will be evaluated by Mr. Erik Froburg. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide feedback that will allow us to improve the program from year-to-year as well as provide data to report back to the National Science Foundation and support our conference presentations and academic publication efforts in the future.

Evaluation data will be collected via surveys and interviews. Please understand that collecting programmatic data is essential to improving our programs and reporting our results. However, your choice, one way or the other, to take part in the evaluation does not affect your participation in the program in any way.