Environmental Sciences, Ocean Mapping M.S. '18
Cassie is currently a marine geologist leading a small team of mappers at the University of Texas in Austin. She loves having the time and space to deep dive into a project and work through all the geophysical analyses that she hasn't been able to do in previous positions. 
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Earth Sciences, Ocean Mapping M.S. '22
Erin is currently an independent contractor doing ocean mapping and GIS services. Most of her work is at sea, actively doing seafloor mapping, (i.e.; data acquisition and processing). She contracts to several different organizations, including the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus. 
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Ocean Mapping GEBCO '14
Tomer is currently the head of mapping for SubMerge, a small company in the field of underwater technology and exploration specializing in superyacht and submersible expeditions in remote locations. He's also a director for the ocean mapping non-profit he helped start called Map the Gaps. 
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