Aerial photo of brown marsh with blue water cutting through.

The UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) was formed in 1985 to foster an intellectual and scientific environment that advances visionary scholarship and leadership in the Earth, space, and ocean sciences. 

Our scientists explore processes on the sun, solar influences on Earth and its magnetosphere, the chemistry and dynamics of the atmosphere, changing climate, and large-scale ecosystems in terrestrial and marine environments — emphasizing complex impacts on and by human activities. We use satellites, aircraft, and ships to explore and investigate the most important and inaccessible places in the universe, in our solar system and on our planet. Project collaborations are local to international in scope. Our faculty can be found in the pages of Science and Nature, on Capitol HIll briefing policymakers on major science issues, and working with students on the ice sheets of Greenland, in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, and in laboratories designing and crafting precision instruments for spacecraft and analyzing data from the latest space missions. 

Our mission is threefold:

  • The teaching mission of EOS is to educate outstanding students capable of advancing our understanding of the Earth and its setting in the Universe;
  • The research and scholarship mission of EOS is to develop quantitative descriptions and in-depth comprehension of the processes controlling the Universe and shaping life on Earth; and
  • The service mission of EOS is to help shape the intellectual character of our state, our nation, and international communities in the broad arena of Earth, space, and ocean sciences. 

EOS is among the top-ranked U.S. university centers for NASA funding and is a NASA Center of Excellence in space-based remote sensing and solar-terrestrial theory. EOS comprises five research centers, and we have our own Business Service Center to help researchers manage their grants and business operations. 

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