Color headshot of Casey Roark, ASSIST.ANT PROFESSOR of EOS Center for Acoustics Research and Education.

Casey Roark

Assistant Professor
Office: UNH COLA Psychology, McConnell Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 712W: Psychology of Language


  • Ph.D., Cognitive Neuroscience, Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests

  • Language acquisiton
  • Application of the science of learning to foreign language acquisition
  • Human Learning and Memory

Selected Publications

  • Roark, C. L., Thakkar, V., Chandrasekaran, B., & Centanni, T. M. (2024). Auditory Category Learning in Children With Dyslexia.. J Speech Lang Hear Res, 67(3), 974-988. doi:10.1044/2023_JSLHR-23-00361

  • Roark, C. L., & Chandrasekaran, B. (2023). Stable, flexible, common, and distinct behaviors support rule-based and information-integration category learning.. NPJ Sci Learn, 8(1), 14. doi:10.1038/s41539-023-00163-0

  • Roark, C. L., Lescht, E., Hampton Wray, A., & Chandrasekaran, B. (2023). Auditory and visual category learning in children and adults.. Dev Psychol, 59(5), 963-975. doi:10.1037/dev0001525

  • Baese-Berk, M. M., Chandrasekaran, B., & Roark, C. L. (2022). The nature of non-native speech sound representations.. J Acoust Soc Am, 152(5), 3025. doi:10.1121/10.0015230

  • Roark, C. L., & Holt, L. L. (2022). Long-term priors constrain category learning in the context of short-term statistical regularities.. Psychon Bull Rev, 29(5), 1925-1937. doi:10.3758/s13423-022-02114-z

  • Roark, C. L., Smayda, K. E., & Chandrasekaran, B. (2022). Auditory and visual category learning in musicians and nonmusicians.. J Exp Psychol Gen, 151(3), 739-748. doi:10.1037/xge0001088

  • Feng, G., Gan, Z., Yi, H. G., Ell, S. W., Roark, C. L., Wang, S., . . . Chandrasekaran, B. (2021). Neural dynamics underlying the acquisition of distinct auditory category structures.. Neuroimage, 244, 118565. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2021.118565

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