Maria Florencia Fahnestock

Office: Natural Resources & the Environment, James Hall, Durham, NH 03824
A headshot of Maria Fahnestock with the Earth Systems Research Center.

Courses Taught

  • ESCI 534: Techniques Environmental Sci
  • ESCI 745/845: Isotope Geochemistry

Selected Publications

Marchina, C., Natali, C., Fahnestock, M. F., Pennisi, M., Bryce, J., & Bianchini, G. (2018). Strontium isotopic composition of the Po river dissolved load: Insights into rock weathering in Northern Italy. Applied Geochemistry, 97, 187-196. doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2018.08.024

Phillips, S. C., Hong, W. -L., Johnson, J. E., Fahnestock, M. F., & Bryce, J. G. (2018). Authigenic carbonate formation influenced by freshwater inputs and methanogenesis in coal-bearing strata offshore Shimokita, Japan (IODP site C0020). Marine and Petroleum Geology, 96, 288-303. doi:10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2018.06.007

Wik, M., Johnson, J. E., Crill, P. M., DeStasio, J. P., Erickson, L., Halloran, M. J., . . . Varner, R. K. (2018). Sediment Characteristics and Methane Ebullition in Three Subarctic Lakes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 123(8), 2399-2411. doi:10.1029/2017jg004298

Brombin, V., Bonadiman, C., Coltorti, M., Fahnestock, M. F., Bryce, J. G., & Marzoli, A. (2018). Refertilized mantle keel below the Southern Alps domain (North-East Italy): Evidence from Marosticano refractory mantle peridotites. Lithos, 300-301, 72-85. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2017.11.032

Andy, C. M., Fahnestock, M. F., Lombard, M. A., Hayes, L., Bryce, J. G., & Ayotte, J. D. (2017). Assessing Models of Arsenic Occurrence in Drinking Water from Bedrock Aquifers in New Hampshire. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education, 160(1), 25-41. doi:10.1111/j.1936-704x.2017.03238.x

Remiszewski, K. A., Bryce, J. G., Fahnestock, M. F., Pettitt, E. A., Blichert-Toft, J., Vadeboncoeur, M. A., & Bailey, S. W. (2016). Elemental and isotopic perspectives on the impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal fungi on mineral weathering across imposed geologic gradients. Chemical Geology, 445, 164-171. doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2016.05.005

Guitreau, M., Mukasa, S. B., Blichert-Toft, J., & Fahnestock, M. F. (2016). Pikes Peak batholith (Colorado, USA) revisited: A SIMS and LA-ICP-MS study of zircon U–Pb ages combined with solution Hf isotopic compositions. Precambrian Research, 280, 179-194. doi:10.1016/j.precamres.2016.05.001

Giacomoni, P. P., Coltorti, M., Bryce, J. G., Fahnestock, M. F., & Guitreau, M. (2016). Mt. Etna plumbing system revealed by combined textural, compositional, and thermobarometric studies in clinopyroxenes. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 171(4). doi:10.1007/s00410-016-1247-7

Miller, S. A., Myers, M., Fahnestock, M. F., Bryce, J. G., & Blichert-Toft, J. (n.d.). Magma dynamics of ancient Mt. Etna inferred from clinopyroxene isotopic and trace element systematics. Geochemical Perspectives Letters, 47-52. doi:10.7185/geochemlet.1735

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