Banafsheh Ferdousi

Research Asst Professor
Research Scientist I
Office: EOS, Morse Hall, Durham, NH 03824
Banafsheh Ferdousi

Selected Publications

Sitnov, M., Birn, J., Ferdousi, B., Gordeev, E., Khotyaintsev, Y., Merkin, V., . . . Zhou, X. (2019). Explosive Magnetotail Activity. SPACE SCIENCE REVIEWS, 215(4). doi:10.1007/s11214-019-0599-5

Ferdousi, B., Nishimura, Y., Maruyama, N., & Lyons, L. R. (2019). Subauroral Neutral Wind Driving and Its Feedback to SAPS During the 17 March 2013 Geomagnetic Storm. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, 124(3), 2323-2337. doi:10.1029/2018JA026193

Ferdousi, B., & Raeder, J. (2016). Signal propagation time from the magnetotail to the ionosphere: OpenGGCM simulation. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, 121(7), 6549-6561. doi:10.1002/2016JA022445

Raeder, J., Tulegenov, B., Cramer, W. D., Germaschewswski, K., Ferdousi, B., Maruyama, N., & Fuller-Rowell, T. (n.d.). Severe Space Weather: Simulations of Scaled-Up Storms. doi:10.5194/egusphere-egu2020-10026

Most Cited Publications